Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Invitation for Math-lovers in Libels

Join with us !

If you are students of Libels on grade X and XI ( Science or Social subject ) and has more interest in mathematics field for research, join with us.

Make your group ( 3 students for each ) and create your research's proposal, submit to us before the end of november 2010. The proposal based on the general form of the rules in writing proposal. We suggest to choose 3 students with criterias such as : very powerful in math, fluent in english, has a good experience in studying literature.

If your proposal is choosen, then you can start to make a simple research and obtain the solutions for 3 month. You must present all of your work at the forum of mathematics in Libels, in front of the teachers.

Rewards :
1. In the end of the year lesson, we will show all of your work to all members of
Libels family.
2. Your team will be promoted to join with the events of KIR
3. Certificate from SMAN 15 Surabaya

So, what are you waiting for ?? Join with us NOW !!!

CP : Mr. Endrayana
0816 556844
email : endrayanaputut29@gmail.com

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